My old house is in Google street view!

27 03 2008

Now here’s something I never thought would happen. Our old home in Cleveland Heights, OH, is visible in Google Maps Street View! Google just added the Cleveland area to the Street Maps service, and it picked up about half of Cleveland Heights. The eastern boundary is Lee Road, north to Mayfield, where it makes a right turn to Noble Road.

Search for 2108 Lamberton Rd, Cleveland Hts, OH, and you get our home, with a picture that was probably taken last fall, based on the number of leaves in the yard.

Amazingly, it happened before our current neighborhood in Cupertino was mapped.




2 responses

28 03 2008

Wow. There’s a giant tree in front of the house I grew up in (3021 Washington, around the corner from you). I guess it is 20 years since I moved out (and 18 since my parents did) matt wells

8 04 2008

Thanks for the heads up my house is showing up too. How are you liking Adobe? Jason

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