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12 06 2008

I hinted at it when I wrote my first post after I started at Adobe, but Tuesday at WWDC I finally got to announce it to the public.

Adobe will actively contribute to the Cocoa version of the SWT.

I’m not sure how many Adobe people will be working on it, but I do know it’s at least one (me). I have some other projects to finish up, but right now I will switch over to full-time work on the Cocoa port in mid-August.

If you want to help out, start with the home page and take a look at the current list of bugs. That’s how I got started in the Carbon version.

For the time being, I’m going to use this blog as a journal to keep track of where we’re headed next and also ‘think out loud’ about sticky problems we run into. I already read the platform-swt-dev list, but I should be able to write longer things here that wouldn’t be appropriate for the mailing list.

Update: See the story on Ars Technica or MacObserver. In the interest of clarification, our goal is to lead the effort, but we’re going to do that by committing fixes and new work. We’re not claiming it by fiat.




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12 06 2008

Hey Scott, sounds very cool. Glad to hear this is finally, really happening. Total bummer they didn’t go Cocoa the first time.

16 06 2008
Scott Kovatch

Dave, as I understand the history, Cocoa ‘wasn’t ready’ when the SWT project started on the Mac, and Carbon was considered a better match for the SWT. Plus, Andre Weinand knew Carbon, so that’s what he started with.

22 07 2008
Mike P


This is very intriguing. Can you comment on why Adobe wouldn’t want to invest resources into Swing instead of SWT? And I don’t mean that question as a rehash of the old Swing vs SWT debate. I ask because we are considering SWT for a rather large internal project which will probably utilize java webstart. We’re about 85% convinced that SWT would be a good way to go, but there is that nagging reluctance based around the idea that Swing is part of the J2SE. A place like Adobe investing time in SWT could be a good indicator of java GUI trends..


22 07 2008
Scott Kovatch

Mike, Adobe is already shipping one product based on Eclipse, and plans to ship others. Mac OS X is an important platform for Adobe, so they are willing to spend the resources needed to make sure the SWT is up to date. It hopefully ends up being good for everyone. I wouldn’t draw any conclusions about SWT vs. Swing here — Apple is doing a good job keeping the Aqua L&F up to date, but that doesn’t help Eclipse.

22 07 2008
Mike P

Thank you Scott. The Cocoa SWT port certainly is good news. The way I see it, any java desktop developments are good developments, regardless of the GUI toolkit chosen.

Looking forward to more info on the port from you in the future.

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