Welcome to California…

23 07 2008

Let me say up front that this is not an anti-immigration/anti-Hispanic, or anti-whatever post. I hope it won’t turn into the first of a ‘moving is hell’ saga, either.

Today I got another reminder that eight years of German in high school and college only prepared me for the occasional side trip to the German parts of Switzerland when I visit my in-laws and not living in California in 2008. Learning Spanish may be a good idea.

We are moving tomorrow and we decided to do all of the packing ourselves except for the kitchen. (This turned out to be a surprisingly good idea, as it gave us a chance to clean out the junk we couldn’t get rid of in Ohio.) Today, the moving company sent two men out to do the packing, but we didn’t need everything to be packed. LIke what, you might ask? Things like manuals for the appliances, the microwave oven that came with the house, information about the new locks we installed on the back door, and oh yes, my security badge! So, I put them aside with pieces of paper that said ‘don’t pack’ written in fluorescent green marker. Sure enough, everything got packed into a box because they didn’t read the instructions. And some things were left unpacked for no good reason.

So, unpacking and setting up the new kitchen is now first priority Thursday afternoon. What is Spanish for ‘Don’t pack this, please’?




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