An old new beginning

30 08 2011

After three years of wandering I’m returning to my roots. Next Tuesday is my first day at Oracle, where I’ll be the technical lead on the Mac OS X port of OpenJDK for Oracle. This may sound like I’m staging a coup, but I’m not going to be taking anything away from Mike Swingler, Bino George, and everyone else who has been hard at work on the core of the Mac port. I will be starting on the non-open parts of the JDK, which means the Java Plugin and Web Start, and then looking into bundled application support.

I don’t expect to be working by myself on this for long — we still need engineers who know Objective-C and Cocoa and have a good background in Java. Search Oracle’s recruitment site for more details; I’ll add links in the next day or so. We are actively recruiting for these positions, so please don’t hesitate to ask for more information. Candidates who can work in the Santa Clara, CA, office are preferred.

For those of you who have known me over the years, this may not sound like a new challenge, but it is. I’d like to think of it as picking up where I left off rather than returning to an old job. And, hopefully, I will have cool things to write about again as time goes on.




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31 08 2011
Chet Haase

Congratulations, Scott – good luck with your old/new job. By the way, I highly recommend the ACE train ( for that awesome commute…

31 08 2011
Scott K.

Oh yeah, I’m very familiar with that site already. 🙂 I’m retraining my body to get up earlier. Two years of working at home or a 10 minute commute spoils you.

31 08 2011
Joshua Marinacci (@joshmarinacci)

Awesome. Good luck!

BTW, did you move back to the bay area?

31 08 2011
Scott K.

We’ve been here since 2007. We moved to Pleasanton in 2008.

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