I was wrong…

13 05 2009

I admit it; I was wrong. There will be a Java session at WWDC this year.


No Java at WWDC this year?

8 04 2009

Well, it’s finally happened. As of April 8, there are no Java sessions at Apple’s WWDC this year. I deliberately put in the weasel phrase ‘as of…’ because the list doesn’t include the “State of the Union” sessions. It also says “View the first set of sessions”, which means there’s still a chance.

I hope there is at least a Java Overview – it would be great to be able to show off the Cocoa SWT work. If you aren’t using it already, now would be a good time to start! Grab a nightly or integration build and, as always, find bugs and file them.

Update: Yes, there will be an overview session (at the very least), and I’m working on a demo of the newness that is Cocoa Eclipse 3.5.